Bright, straight and strict compositions characterise the work of Roland Cuppers (Born in Eindhoven 1970).

His astonishing skills in painttechnics dominates in his convincing compositions on large and middle-large panels. His geomatric patterns in various forms and sizes create an intens contraction on ones mindfull observation and clean abstractions.

In the past century and more specific the fifties of that century the work of Roland Cuppers would be categorised as "Hard Edge”, a moreless American stream of art.

In the work of Roland Cuppers there is much more to observe than only straight compositions of abstract forms in different sizes and colours, although his painted panels seem to be very simple to explore because of their well-balanced order and colours.
In the meanwhile they hide many secrets. There is so much to explore about flat and demensional, contrary directions and movement, ratio and intuition, inside and outside, light and darkness. All these aspects form a intense query for the observer to discover what is nearby or far away and the meaning of large and small.

The exploration of the art of Roland Cuppers often results in architectural solutions. Flat impressions that almost logical lead to truly dimensionality. There are no strict rules and orders in this work of art. What is true and what is false? It is always to the observer and his own interpretation to decide what is to be seen and to give meaning to his observations.

Therefore the art of Roland Cuppers is not only a source of esthetic pleasure, it offers us a possibility to develop our observational skills. A true joined venture of the pleasant and the advantageous...!

You keep watching, even when you think you discovered and understood it all.

Chris Manders